Тhe «Kemel bolashak» project
There are no other people's children. All children are needed the care, support, participation of an adult. And all adults with the values of humanity wish to create the most favorable conditions for children.
I am a psychologist, therefore I professionally help children and adults, parents and teachers to solve the issues of self-determination and personality development.
I know and like to communicate with a large number of teachers, coaches and people who are simply passionate about their hobbies, who try to pass on their experience to children, instill a highly moral attitude for work, study and organized leisure, love and respect for oneself, their work and the work of others.
Also I find the fact that not all parents know how to raise a child, how to teach him to be happy, successful, to be open to exploring the world. It is often children give advice to their parents; direct them to solve the problems of sincere communication, perception of each other.
During the process of consulting children and adults, communicate with teachers, I was looking for projects that explore a wide range of psychological and pedagogical tasks: not only problematic ones, such as deviant behavior, suicide, loneliness, unemployment, but also formative tasks, such as personality socialization, leadership, personal growth, spiritual development.
And so, I was offered the project I was thinking about. The «Rukhani zhangyru» program includes the «Kemel bolashak» project, which is aimed at promoting the values and principles of «Rukhani zhangyru».
First of all I am going to conduct webinars for teachers who will teach children and adolescents to organize and spend their leisure time in such a way that, with their love of life, initiative, care and other positive activity, influence parents and others and jointly develop relationships and their personality. I hope and believe that all wonderful things will come true for our children, who are a wonderful future.
The project includes solving the problems of socialization of the individual, the development of his abilities, and the formation of personality skills in new ways. The terms of the «Kemel bolashak» project propose to draw up such a methodological support for interaction with children, which will allow them in practice to feel the care, respect and participation of society in their lives. Children will feel that they can learn about themselves, their behavior, their relationships through a huge palette of knowledge, and the 6 principles of «Rukhani zhangyru» will serve as a guideline: competitiveness, pragmatism, preservation of national identity, cult of knowledge, evolutionary development of Kazakhstan, openness of consciousness.
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